Music "No Diggity" Chet Faker

Asher is a contemporary dance artist with a background in multiple physically expressive, and artistic disciplines ranging from acrobatics and circus to visual art and instrumental music. Predominantly rooted within contemporary dance, she also works professionally in the areas of Latin and Brazilian, and commercial dance, interactive street theatre and aerials.

Asher was recently awarded the Australia Council's Artstart grant.

Born into a family of actors, dancers, musicians and visual artists, her involvement in performance has always been the most significant aspect of her identity. She is intrigued with the idea of intertwining contemporary dance with her other areas of knowledge as well as working within interdisciplinary collaboration to discover ways to increase it's general audience appeal. Her most predominant fascination is with the possibilities available within aerial dance, striving to seek the tasteful balance of circus-based physicality and the creative intellectualism and movement qualities of contemporary dance as well as using dance as a platform to deliver messages about environmental issues of which she is deeply passionate about.

"I believe the integration of my diverse training background into my contemporary practice has given me a unique way of moving, choreographing and interacting. My passion stretches beyond my dance practice in the studio and on the stage and is integrated into every aspect of what I do in life. I am driven by my desire to learn and better myself by continuously seeking opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge, meeting new people and experiencing all moments to their fullest."